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a3rt_client 0.1.6

this gem is the api wrapper for A3RT url:

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a3rt-talk 0.1.3

a3rt talk api helper

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a4nt 2.0.1

Rails Engine managing simple announcements. A4nt is mountable Engine for Ruby on Rails.

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a4tools 1.2.7

A series of tools to make life better at Acres 4.0.

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a50 0.1.0

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a55 0.0.1


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a89529294_palindrome 0.3.0

Learn Enough Ruby palindrome detector

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a9n 1.3.1

a9n - ruby/rails apps configuration manager

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a9s 1.2.0

This gem downloads the specific gems versions required to interact with anynines.

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a9s_rabbitmq 0.1.0

a9s_rabbitmq is a small utility gem to ease up the usage of the rabbitmq se...

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a9s_swift 0.2.1 swift service utility library for simplifying app acces to the a9s swift s...

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aa 1.1


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aaaa_aaaa 0.0.2

this gem generates design mock text, example "あああああああ10"

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aaaaproject 0.1.6

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aaalex-cloudy_integrate 0.0.1

Set of commands/rake-tasks .

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Desert is a component framework for Rails that allows your plugins to be packaged as mi...

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aaalex-detect_mobiles 0.0.5

RoR before_filter to detect mobile browsers

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aaalex-off_github 1.1.2

A simple tool which helps migrate your locally installed gems from github to gemcutter....

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aaalex-permanent_cookies 0.0.2

RoR before_filter to detect mobile browsers

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aaalex-ruby-ifconfig 1.2.3

Ruby wrapper around the ifconfig command.

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aa_associations 0.1.2

This extends ActiveAdmin to allow for better editing of associations.

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AABeginnerTestGem 0.1.0

This gems is for the beginners in Ruby and more precisely in RubyGems. Thanks to this g...

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aacinfo-theme 2.0.1

GitHub pages theme for Ace Centre

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aac-metrics 0.1.1

A tool for analysing and comparing grid-based AAC board sets

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aac_translation 0.0.3

Simple Rails engine to manage your translations in a db.

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aad_auth 0.1.0

A gem which help to auth to AAD(Azure Active Directory).

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aadhaar_auth 0.0.1

Aadhaar auth api v1.6: ruby port

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aadhaar_check 0.1.0

A gem to check whether the supplied aadhaar number is correct using Verheoff Algorithm.

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aadhar 0.0.17

Token based authentication. To support backend authentication for ios, android, angular...

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aadigamov_palindrome 0.2.0

Learn Enough Ruby palindrome detector

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