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aaronp-meow 1.1.0

Send Growl notifications via Ruby.

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ZOMG is an OMG IDL parser. ZOMG will generate a Ruby AST from an IDL AST, and will eve...

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aarontc-serialport 1.4.0

Ruby/SerialPort is a Ruby library that provides a class for using RS-232 serial ports.

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aaron-test-gem 0.0.0

test gem

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aarrr 0.0.1

AARRR helps track user lifecycle metrics via MongoDB. It also provides cohort and repor...

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aas 0.0.0

... as a service

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aasm 5.5.0

AASM is a continuation of the acts-as-state-machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby ...

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aasm_actionable 1.0.1

Rails extension to render appropriate workflow actions

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aasm-active_fedora 0.1.2

ActiveFedora persistence adaptor for AASM

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aasm-bang 0.1.0

Ever wanted an aasm event with an extra bang? Well ... now you can!

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aasm-diagram 0.1.3

Automatically generate diagrams of AASM state machines.

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aasm_history 0.1.3

Track and persist AASM state history

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Fetches accounts and their transaction details from the Yodlee MoneyCenter (https://mo...

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aasm_mermaid 0.1.0

Generate Mermaid diagrams from AASM state machines

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aasm_ohm_persistence 0.0.1

Persistence adapter to use AASM with Ohm

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aasm_progressable 1.0.1

Progress indicators for linear AASM workflows

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aasm_rbs 0.2.1

Easily generate RBS signatures for all the AASM automatically generated methods and con...

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aasm_statecharts 1.0.1

Generate UML-style state charts from AASM state machines

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aastdlib 0.0.3

Extensions to the Ruby Standard Library

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aastra_xml_api 1.1.4

Gemified version of Carlton O'Riley's Aastra XML Ruby Port

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aavimeodl 0.2.2

Downloads private App Academy videos from Vimeo

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aa-vimeo-downloader 0.0.2

A script that wraps around youtube-dl to download private App Academy videos

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aavkontakte-rails3 0.1.9

Vkontakte authorization for authlogic with ruby 1.9 and rails 3.0

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aaww 0.1.0

A simple Authentise API Wrapper using HTTParty

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ab 0.0.2

Basic AB testing gem

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a_b 0.1.1

A/B test data aggregator as a Sinatra web service

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aba 1.0.2

ABA (Australian Bankers Association) File Generator

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abaci 0.3.0

Collect stats on events, activities and behaviors across time in Ruby with a Redis back...

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abaco 1.0.1

Abaco is a gem for converting numbers into Italian words.

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abacos 0.1.0

Ruby API to Abacos

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