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abhi-contacts 1.0.0

A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including...

11,831 下载

abhishek_portfolio_view_tool 0.1.0

Provide generated HTML data for rails application.

2,617 下载

abhiyerra-jruby-memcache-client 1.5.0

A drop in replacement for Ruby's memcache-client.

5,487 下载

abhiyerra-refacebook 0.4.10

ReFacebook is a facebook library and Sinatra extension.

52,854 下载

abi 0.1.0

This is a jekyll theme built for AbiMusic.

3,513 下载

abi2ruby 0.1.0

abi2ruby - generate ready-to-use (blockchain) contract services / function calls for e...

746 下载

abi2sol 0.1.0

abi2sol gem - command-line tool for application binary interface (abi) to solidity (con...

766 下载

abibase 0.0.1

abibase - command line tool / helper to manage application binary interfaces (abis)

746 下载

abicoder 1.0.1

abicoder - 'lite' application binary interface (abi) encoding / decoding machinery / he...

120,558 下载

abi_coder_rb 0.2.8

An EVM ABI encoding and decoding tool

2,446 下载

abid 0.2.8

Abid is a simple Workflow Engine based on Rake.

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abide 0.0.3

Prints a nice lebascii text on screen

20,378 下载

abide-data-processor 1.1.1

Provides functions that help with extracting out information from Hiera file.

12,536 下载

abide_dev_utils 0.17.2

Provides a CLI with helpful utilities for developing compliance Puppet code

45,588 下载

abidoc 0.1.1

abidoc - application binary interface (abi) documentation generator for Ethereum & Co. ...

1,885 下载

abidump 0.1.1

abidump gem - command-line tool to dump / pretty print or (re)format application binary...

1,305 下载

ABIF 0.0.1

ABIF file format reader/parse/plotter.

6,721 下载

abigen 0.1.1

"high-level" all-in-one umbrella quick starter gem for easy installation & usage applic...

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abilities 5.1.2

Authorization dsl to manage permissions in rails.

40,724 下载

ability_engine 0.0.2

Exposes CanCan's current_ability object as json through a rails engine controller

20,955 下载

ability_list 0.0.4

A very simple way to manage permissions. Works with any ORM.

14,205 下载

ability_list-cj 0.0.2

A very simple way to manage permissions. Works with any ORM.

5,106 下载

abingo 2.0.2

A split testing framework for Rails 3.x.x

31,206 下载

abingo_port 0.1.0

Incorperate AB Testing into your rails apps

12,776 下载

abiparser 0.1.3

abiparser - application binary interface (abi) parser machinery / helper for Ethereum &...

118,309 下载

abiquo 0.1.2

Abiquo API client

22,745 下载

abiquo-api 0.1.3

Simple Abiquo API client

39,958 下载

abiquo-chef-agent 2.0.11

Abiquo Chef Agent

123,919 下载

abiquo-etk 0.6.4

Tools to troubleshoot and manage your Abiquo installation

247,067 下载

abiquo-installer-tests 20121026.1

Tests and troubleshoot Abiquo installations

76,920 下载