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  • solaris-file

    The solaris-file library provides Solaris-specific access control methods to the Fi...

    29 629 Téléchargements


    I am no longer maintaining this library. If you are interested, please take ownership.

    Created by: djberg96

  • capistrano-logrotate

    Logrotate integration for Capistrano.

    188 452 Téléchargements


    Look for maintainers.

    Created by: linjunpop

  • sidekiq-delay_extensions

    Extracted from Sidekiq 6.0

    145 326 Téléchargements


    Delayed extensions will be removed from Sidekiq 7.0 per . This gem extracts the extensions present in version 6.x. Once Sidekiq 7.0 is released, it will require maintenance.

    Created by: bf4

  • stonks

    For them chicken tendies

    6 643 Téléchargements


    Fellow Rubyists

    The time has come for me to move on from this project. I am hoping stonks is still useful to some of you. I am looking for users who are willing to maintain it going forward. I have tried to keep a high coding standard and I believe it is a fun project to work on. If you are interested in becoming a maintainer please consider answering the following questions :

    1. Do you use this package enough that you will be motivated to maintain it?

    2. Do you have prior experience in maintaining an open-source project?

    3. Is cereal soup?

    +This is an example ownership call+

    Created by: sonalkr132