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assemblage 0.1.pre20180313184155

Assemblage is a continuous integration toolkit. It's intended to provide you with a minimal infrastructure for distributing and performing automated tasks for one or more version control repositories. It makes as few assumptions as possible as to what those things might be. It's still just a personal project, but if you want to use it I'm happy to answer questions and entertain suggestions, especially in the form of patches/PRs. Assemblage has three primary parts: the **Assembly Server**, **Assembly Workers**, and **Repositories**. <dl> <dt>Assembly Server</dt> <dd>Aggregates and distributes events from <em>repositories</em> to <em>workers</em> via one or more "assemblies".</dd> <dt>Assembly Workers</dt> <dd>Listens for events published by the <em>assembly server</em>, checks out a <em>repository</em>, and runs an assembly script in that repository.</dd> <dt>Repository</dt> <dd>A distributed version control repository. Assemblage currently supports Mercurial and Git.</dd> </dl>

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  1. 0.1.pre20180313184155 - March 14, 2018 (11.5 KB)

Runtime Dependencies (7):

cztop-reactor ~> 0.3
git ~> 1.3
gli ~> 2.17
hglib ~> 0
loggability ~> 0.11
tty ~> 0.7

Development Dependencies (7):

hoe ~> 3.16
hoe-deveiate ~> 0.10
hoe-highline ~> 0.2
hoe-mercurial ~> 1.4
rdoc ~> 6.0
simplecov ~> 0.7



  • Michael Granger

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Required Ruby Version: >= 2.3.4

Required Rubygems Version: > 1.3.1