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enterprise 1.0.0

Wish you could write your Ruby in XML? Has the fact that Ruby is not "enterprise" got you down? Do you feel like your Ruby code could be made to be more "scalable"? Well look no further my friend. You've found the enterprise gem. Once you install this gem, you too can make Rails scale, Ruby faster, your code more attractive, *and* have more XML in your life. I'm sure you're asking yourself, "how can the enterprise gem promise so much?". Well the answer is easy, through the magic of XML! The enterprise gem allows you to write your Ruby code in XML, therefore making your Ruby and Rails code scale. Benefits of writing your code in XML include: * It's easy to read! * It scales! * Cross platform * TRANSFORM! your code using XSLT! * Search your AST with XPath *or* CSS! The enterprise gem even comes with a handy "enterprise" binary to help you start converting your existing *legacy* Ruby code in to scaleable, easy to read XML files. Let's start getting rid of that nasty Ruby code and replacing it with XML today!

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  1. 1.0.0 - August 05, 2009 (8 KB)

Runtime Dependencies (4):

nokogiri >= 0
polyglot >= 0
ruby2ruby >= 0

Development Dependencies (1):

hoe >= 2.2.0



  • Aaron Patterson

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