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rdoc-f95 0.0.2

RDocF95 is an improved RDoc for generation of documents of Fortran 90/95 programs. Differences to the original one are given below. <b>Enhancement of "parser/f95.rb"</b> :: The Fortran 90/95 parse script "parser/f95.rb" (In rdoc-f95, old name "parsers/parse_f95.rb" is used yet) is modified in order to parse almost all entities of the Fortran 90/95 Standard. <b>Addition of <tt>--ignore-case</tt> option </b> :: In the Fortran 90/95 Standard, upper case letters are not distinguished from lower case letters, although original RDoc produces case-dependently cross-references of Class and Methods. When this options is specified, upper cases are not distinguished from lower cases. <b>Cross-reference of file names</b> :: Cross-reference of file names is available as well as modules, subroutines, and so on. <b>Modification of <tt>--style</tt> option</b> :: Original RDoc can not treat relative path stylesheet. Application of this patch modifies this function. <b>Conversion of TeX formula into MathML</b>:: TeX formula can be converted into MathML format with --mathml option, if <b>MathML library for Ruby version 0.6b -- 0.8</b> is installed. This library is available from {Bottega of Hiraku (only JAPANESE)}[]. See {RDocF95::Markup::ToXHtmlTexParser}[link:classes/RDocF95/Markup/ToXHtmlTexParser.html] about format. <b>*** Caution ***</b> Documents generated with "--mathml" option are not displayed correctly according to browser and/or its setting. We have been confirmed that documents generated with "--mathml" option are displayed correctly with {Mozilla Firefox}[] and Internet Explorer (+ {MathPlayer}[]). See {MathML Software - Browsers}[] for other browsers. Some formats of comments in HTML document are changed to improve the analysis features. See {parse_f95.rb}[link:files/lib/rdoc-f95/parsers/parse_f95_rb.html]

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