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openldap 0.0.1pre11

A simple, but feature-complete Ruby binding for OpenLDAP's libldap. This binding is intended as an alternative for [ruby-ldap][] for libraries or applications which require a more complete implementation of the LDAP protocol (according to [RFC4511][]) than it provides. Additions or changes: * Referrals for add, modify, delete, modrdn, compare * Controls for add, modify, delete, modrdn, compare * Asynchronous and synchronous APIs * Detailed exception class hierarchy for results instead of just one class for all non-success results. * Complete [RFC4511][] support: - extended operations and results - unsolicited notifications - continuation references - intermediate responses - alias deferencing - etc. * Cleanly abandon terminated operations where supported * Memory-handling cleanup to avoid leaks, corruption, and other problems experienced in the wild. * Drop deprecated non-_ext variants of operations which have a modern equivalent. * M17n for Ruby 1.9.x. * Improved test coverage **NOTE:** This library is still under development, and should not be considered to be feature-complete or production-ready. This project's versions follow the [Semantic Versioning Specification][semver].

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  1. 0.0.1pre11 - August 11, 2011 (28.5 KB)

Development Dependencies (5):

hoe ~> 2.11
hoe-highline ~> 0.0.1
hoe-mercurial ~> 1.2.1
rake-compiler ~> 0.7
rspec ~> 2.6



  • Michael Granger

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Required Ruby Version: >= 1.9.2